PearlsandFlannel In case you are wondering about the title, “Preaching in Pearls” was suggested to me by a friend and coworker when she found out that wearing my great grandmother’s pearls is my good luck charm for public speaking. In her Southern sensibilities, my grandmother handed them down on the evening of my high school graduation and the tradition began when I wore them that night. After that, I spent four years in college in Jackson, MS where my taste in jewelry was pretty much the most socially acceptable part of my environmentalist, socially progressive, church nerd self. Now that I am a seminarian at Boston University, wearing my pearls is a way to stay in touch with the part of the country I call home and the evangelical tradition I still claim with equal parts loyalty and criticism.

I hope that the blog can be an outlet for subjects I am passionate about, my travels and experiences, and the stories I collect along the way. Some fun things that are coming up to write about: backpacking on the Appalachian Trail and being a part of two amazing teams working with Syrians in Jordan to make a safer, more peaceful world.


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